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These booths are important to the Summit participants.  They provide conservation information, help the presenters share their projects or information, and provide a venue for collegiality.  Thank you for your interest.

REGISTRATION:  Registration includes one participant’s registration. CRCC will confirm receipt of your registration and the participant’s name.


  • Monday option: You may bring and set-up your booth in the late afternoon.
  • The Ag Center will be open at 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday. As you know, early arrival is recommended so that you can relax and be prepared when other participants arrive.
  • You may drop off your materials and display on the parking lot curb and then park your vehicle. Use either the main door in the center of the building.
  • Your space will be identified.


  • Tables are 5 ft long and about 20” wide. If you want 2 deep, we’ll have them available. We have a few that are wider and longer – first come, first served.
  • Floor standing booths will fit our spaces.
  • Some of you will be against a fabric-covered accordion wall (a room divider), so you can use Velcro or painters tape if needed. Be prepared to be free-standing.
  • If you need power, please bring a long extension cord. We will do our best for you.


The Summit agenda is through 4:30 and continues into the evening program until 8:30.  You may take the booth down at 4:30 or until you leave in the evening.

We appreciate the effort you’re making to share.  Thank you again.

Karen Sweet, ksweet@cattlemen.net, 925.443-7692   cell 925.784-8303 (January 15-16 only)