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10th Annual Summit

Rangeland Summit:      Tuesday, February 3, 2015        

The Summit was a Success!  Thank you for your attendance and support.  

This unique symposium of rangeland stakeholders was held in Sacramento, CA.  The Coalition, with the generous support of our Sponsors, hosted a Summit for Coalition Signatories and guests that builds relationships among rangeland stakeholders and facilitates learning from one another.   Speakers reflected on the diversity of rangeland interests and topics about collaboration.  More than 200 ranchers, agriculture and conservation organizations members and staff, agency staff, academics, students, businesses, and more participated. Rangeland decision-makers who attended the Summit are responsible for 16+Million acres!

The 10th Annual Summit was held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the Society for Range Management (SRM), January 31 – February 7.  All SRM meeting participants had the option to attend the Summit, and Summit participants  attended afternoon sessions and  other days at the meeting. See full SRM schedule.

SPEAKERS  (Some Presentations are available for view.  Others are forthcoming.)

 A History of Collaborative Conservation for Rangelands in the US – Nathan Sayre, University of California Berkeley  UC Berkeley

CCC large logo-Sept19The Role of Academic Institutions – Robin Reid, Center for Collaborative Conservation, Colorado State University  

QC logo No tag_RGB  Quivira Coalition – Avery Anderson       Malpais Borderland Group – Bill McDonaldMalpai

High Desert  The High Desert Partnership – Brenda Smith                       Fish Friendly Ranching Program – Laurel Marcus   Fish Friendly Ranching

   Western Landowners AllianceWestern Landowners Alliance – Leslie Allison              Partners for Conservation – Dina Moore  PFC Logo

California Rangeland Conservation Coalition – Pelayo Alvarez  FINAL_CRCC-logo-color-light


 The Coalition is grateful to these Coalition Members / Sponsors for their special contributions!

Speaker Sponsors:  Center for Collaborative Conservation, The High Desert Partnership, Fish Friendly Ranching Program, Western Landowners Alliance, Partners for Conservation

Rancher Sponsors: Ned Wood, Pacific Livestock, Inc, Vogt Ranches, Big Bluff Ranch, Koopmann Ranch, Sparrowk Livestock, Orvis Ranch, Cobblestone Ranch, Rice / Sparrowk Livestock,  Fogarty Ranch, McCormack Ranch Sheep & Grain, Bre Owens, Pat Kirby, Bill Sanguinetti Ranch, Bill Rankin, Dan Macon, Yolo Land & Cattle Co., Carissa Rivers,  Dave Forrest, Darrel Sweet 

100_SNC_Logo-final143_CABEEFC       138_nrcs  138_CRT_ 138_CCA

SRM 2015 logo   138_RCD    EBRPD-80-Year-Logo_2014   225_tnc_logo    138_STACLARAOPEN       125_SRM

138_WESTERVELT_High_RES_jpg    138_GLCI    143_Partners  Western Landowners AllianceCA pms.eps   Cal-IPC

138_Defenders      TPL 138_hedge_row138_Vollmar    Z7 2  99_cnlm UC WS Lab Tom Kat

Visit the  Summit page for published resources from the 2014 Summit that was held in Oakdale.